Casing,fan stack,distribution basin and cold water sump are made of durable corrosion proof F.R.P.(fiberglass reinforced polyester).The frame and all steel parts are hot dipped galvanized treated for complete rust protection,sharply reducing maintenance expenses.Nuts and bolts are stainless steel.


The specially designed filler with water shield is made of rigid PVC plastic sheet, vacuum formed using a special pattern to distribute the hot water evenly, improving the retention time of the water to achieve excellent heat exchange efficiency,it also prevents water droplets from entering the filler.Due to the low
air force resistance and low air static pressure,it will decrease drift loss and save on water make up.


The fan is adjustable and specially designed for slow rotation of TSS cooling tower.It is cast in a special AL.Alloy.The blades and hub are static balanced, working in concert with the newest style air-head and bell-type fan stack to create air flow and decrease fan power loss.Silent operation,low vibration,large air volume and energy-saving are their special features.


The specially designed water proof outdoor service motor,the simple structure & highly efficient V-belt drive have been designed with practicality &safety in mind.Silent &easy operation,easy maintenance &low cost maintenance will improve the operation efficiency and save greatly on maintenance costs.


The direction of the water outlet can be changed to louver side or casing side according to the practical needs of the job site.This allows for easy piping installation and saves the piping expenses.


The rectangular design of the tower reduces the installation area needed as compared to traditional round towers.This rectangular design allows for convenient multicells installation,ideal for skyscrapers or areas with limited space.